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Mega Projects, Integrated Resorts, and Tourism Diversification in the Age of AI 

Tuesday 5th March 2024   

9:00 – 9:30 AM - Keynote Address
Integrated Resorts and Destinations

Andy Nazarechuk, Industry Advisory Board Member, University of Santo Tomas

9.30-10.45 AM - Panel Session 1
Integrated Resorts and Destinations Trends, Innovations, and Megaprojects in Global Hospitality 

Moderator: Anthony Wong 
Andy Nazarechuk (IAB, UST)
Frederic Bouchon (EAHM)

Glenn McCartney (UMac)

Zoe Yuhua Zuo (Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi)

10.45 – 12.00 PM  -  Meet the Editors Workshop
Navigating the Academic Landscape: Strategies for Publishing in Top-Ranked Journals and Safeguarding Against Predatory Journals

Presenters: Li Miao (JHTR)

Perry Hobson (JVM)

12.00 - 1.00 PM - Break

1.00 - 2.00 PM Panel Session 2
Sustainability & Destination Diversification, Charting New Horizons 

Moderator: Seyhmus Baloglu 

Julie Jackson (EAHM)
Rashed Karkain (Dubai Municipality)

2.00 – 3.30 PM - Concurrent Session 1       
Sustainable Tourism Practices

Session Chair:  Joseph Lema (UNLV) 

  1. Tatjana Thimm,  Lazgisphere and Tourism in the Thirdspace - Immaterial World Heritage in Uzbekistan - Opportunities for Diversification

  2. Jasna Capo, Detrimental Effects of overtourism in a Small Mediterranean Town

  3. Tariq Ahmed, & Waheed Akhtar, Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Outcomes: A MultiStudy Perspective in Hospitality Sector  

  4. Yulan Fan, & Ipkin Anthony Wong, Understanding Destination Avoidance

  5. Linlin Zhang, & Deepak Chhabra, Rethinking Alienation and Authenticity in Contemporary Tourism Mobility: through the Lens of Digital Nomad Phenomenon

  6. Mah Jabeen, Marta Soligo, & Amanda Elliott, Outdoor recreation in Southern Nevada: Tourism diversification and sustainable development

2.00 – 3.30 PM - Concurrent Session 2

Navigating the Future with AI in Guest Experience Management

Session Chair: Steven Burns (EAHM)

  1. Fatemeh Khozaei, Qamar Ul Islam, Nor Aini Salleh, Nizar Al-Abed, & Abbas Mahmoud Hassan, Understanding tourist hotel room design preferences using AI Image generators

  2. Vibha K V, Empowering Guest: Evaluating the Dynamics of Value Co-creation in Hospitality and Tourism

  3. Jalal Zeaiter, & Najla Al Sheidi, Consumer Behaviour: A Case study of Crowne Plaza Qurum Hotel, Oman

  4. Farah Zahidi, Bincy Kaluvilla, & Tausif Mulla, Embracing the New Era: Artificial Intelligence and Its Multifaceted Impact on the Hospitality Industry

  5. Vyomiini B H, & Usha Dinakaran, Elevating Experiences: A Conceptual Study on Technology Trends Reshaping Tourism and Hospitality Innovation

  6. Baolin Deng, & Ipkin Wong, Effective Tourism Journey Design through the Metaverse Platform: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda


 3.30 – 5.00 PM - Concurrent Session 3

Integrated Resorts’ Strategies

Session Chair: Huiling Huang (UMac)

  1. Sandy Hou In Sio, &  Carlos Noronha, The “New Normal” of SDG and CSR in Macau’s Integrated Resort Industry: Perspective from Pre-COVID and Post-COVID Sustainability Reporting

  2. Tanuj Arneja, & Frederic Bouchon, Gaming as a Destination Diversification Strategy. Opportunities and Challenges of Offshore Gaming Development in Dubai

  3. Ioanna Karanikola, & Hassan Al Sayegh, What are the Perceptions of the Hospitality Industry Managers on Emiratization Policy and National’s Competencies?

  4. Glenn McCartney, & Sanjay Nadkarni, Introducing commercial gaming in the UAE – mapping for a tourism diversification and development agenda

  5. Julie Jackson, The Strategic Integration of Culture and Cultural Infrastructure as Anchors in the Development of Tourism Infrastructure Projects within the MENA.

  6. Francis Saliba, Positive Integrative Leadership in Hospitality: Exploring the Correlation Between Developmental Psychology and Positive Leadership Practices

 3.30 – 5.00 PM - Concurrent Session 4
Innovation for Social Change

Session Chair: Jacey Choe (UMac)

  1. Marian Ando, Emotion Recognition in Virtual Interviews: Bridging Technology and Psychology

  2. Majid Heidari, & Mirfarshad Farshbafiyan Hosseininezhad, Exploring the application of Smart Tourism technologies in Smart Destinations considering the Viable Systems Approach

  3. Zahed Ghaderi, & Narges Shojaie, The Applications of AI in tourism and hospitality crisis and disaster management

  4. Sarah Belanger, Scolah Kazi, & Carlien Netiv, Integration of AI in Wine Education

  5. Steven Burns, Using a brand-hierarchy theory framework for analysis of destination marketing in England

  6. Marwa Alderaawi, & Ana Stranjancevic, Breaking Barriers: Exploring Strategies to Aid Empowering Women in Leadership Positions in Dubai's Hospitality Industry


5.00 – 5.30 PM - Closing and Review

Moderator: Scolah Kazi

Joseph Lema

Steven Burns

Huiling Huang

Jacey Choe

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